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Why the focus on student achievement?  View the presentation to learn about the social and economic ramifications of our current student achievement level.


Student Achievement Minnesota LLC (SAM) operates exclusively to authorize charter schools.

Inspired by the outstanding results achieved by organizations such as the New Schools for New Orleans and the Uncommon Schools, SAM's focus is charter school programs which are demonstrated to significantly increase student achievement. And SAM's expectations are high -- it holds schools accountable not only for student academic results, but also for schools'  fiscal and operational performance.

Student Achievement Minnesota LLC does not limit the charter school applications it solicits, considers, or approves to any single curriculum, learning program, or method.


School Spotlight

Math and Science Academy achieved outstanding results on its Science Minnesota Comprehensive Assessments for the 2015/2016 school year:

  • 92% of MSA high school students scored proficient, more than 36 points higher than the state average of 56%;

  • 80% of MSA eighth graders scored proficient, more than 32 points higher than the state average of 48%.

Moreover, Math and Science Academy's high school students achieved the highest average score of all Minnesota high school students.

Student Achievement Minnesota congratulates Math and Science Academy on its stellar performance!

Important Upcoming Dates
Charter School Application Due Date


1.29.2018 @ 3:00 pm

(for a Fall 2019 opening)


No due date.  Applications accepted on a rolling basis


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