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Developing Higher Order Thinking Questions
DOK Question Stems
Levels of Thinking in Bloom’s Taxonomy & Webb’s Depth of Knowledge
ÿ        Question Samples for Depth of Knowledge Activity
ÿ        Question Stems for Vocabulary
ÿ        Standards K-8 Question Samples
ÿ        Strategy Instruction for Summarizing Narrative Texts
ÿ        Examining Student Writing Process
ÿ        Engaging Students with Vocabulary
ÿ        Story Elements Graphic Organizers
ÿ        Student Engagement: Guiding Questions (MN Example Model)
ÿ        Student Engagement Data Collection Tool
ÿ        Excel Features
ÿ        Excel Pivot Tables
ÿ        Social Emotional Learning – Interventions for School & Home Tips
ÿ        Social Emotional Learning – Book recommendations
PowerPoint Presentations
ÿ        DOK – Mathematics
ÿ        Building Sophisticated Word Knowledge
Recommended Reading

Bambrick-Santoyo, Paul, Leverage Leadership