How to Apply for a New School

Applying for a New School  

Applicants are expected to respond to each application item in a comprehensive manner and follow the application and format requirements.  Student Achievement Minnesota staff perform a desk review upon receipt of each application. Applications which do not comply with the application and format requirements or demonstrate significant fiscal deficiencies do not merit additional consideration.  Applications meriting additional consideration are further evaluated by Student Achievement Minnesota LLC and its review team. The review team inlcudes external experts with a wide range of experience including charter school operations, education, and finance.

  • Letter of Intent

Prospective applicants must submit a Letter of Intent to Student Achievement Minnesota.  Refer to the Charter School Program Guide and Letter of Intent template for additional information and requirements.

  • Expert Review

Applications which demonstrate a thorough understanding of key issues and the capacity to successfully open a quality charter school are scheduled for an interview.

  • Interview

The applicant's founders participate in an interview with Student Achievement Minnesota LLC's evaluation team. There are not pre-determined questions for the interview.  The applicants should be prepared for specific questions regarding any aspect of their application.  The purpose of the interview is to respond to questions or concerns that the review team had in evaluating the application and to determine whether the developing group has the capacity to implement the proposal.

  • Post-Interview Evaluation and Decision

The Student Acheivement Minnesota evaluation team makes a holistic determination as to whether the developing group has the capacity to successfully establish a high-quality charter school consistent with its proposal.

Approved applicants receive start-up information and feedback to further improve the school's development. Denied applicants also receive feedback for the developing group's consideration in any future consideration. Successful applicants demonstrate the capacity to successfully open a quality charter school.

Ready to Apply - Application Upload Portal:

  • No later than November 1st a Letter of Intent was sent to Student Achievement Minnesota.
  • You received your Student Achievement Minnesota login credentials to submit your completed Charter School Application and all required documents.  
  • Click Apply


Important Upcoming Dates
Charter School Application Due Dates


Fall 2026 Opening
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  • New School Application: Student Achievement Minnesota's New Charter School Application Upload Portal on its website



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